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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sekai no Yakusoku

Title: Sekai no Yakusoku
Circle: Karakuri Circus
Publisher: Shino
Size: A5
Pages: 16
Type: Copybon
Pairing: Howl x Sophie
Rating: G
Publish Date: 05.05.2005
Waiting for permission to Link

This is my first copybon (lit. copy book, a doujinshi created with the copy machine instead of a publishing company)! It's pretty neat. It's very small and stapled together. It has this translucent paper for the cover (with the picture on it). I have to go find the scanner later and scan this in . I hope it scans ok; maybe the wierd paper will do wierd things?

The artist's style is very different. It's really *REALLY* sketchy; almost as though it's all done in pencil and the artist never got around the penning the final copy in ink. Still, the characters are cute when you get past that. It looks like it was scanned into a computer and printed on an ink jet.

It's one story, set after the movie ends...about Howl remembering things. It's a "cute, sweet" type of story. I don't think I can say anymore without revealing the whole plot line since the story is so short

Edit: It scanned pretty well, don't you think? Well, it's a bit dark...

Status: Need to request permission to post pictures.

Jinsei no Jet Coaster Kirimomi Kaiten! (人生のジェットコースターきりもみ回転!)

Title: Jinsei no Jet Coaster Kirimomi Kaiten! (人生のジェットコースターきりもみ回転!)
Circle: Tommytoh (トミイ糖)
Publisher: Tomiito, Matsu (富糸まつ)
Size: B5
Pages: 22
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie
Rating: G
Publish Date: 05.29.2005 (3rd Printing)
Site: None Listed :(

"ここに来てから一回も着替えてないのー!!?" (I haven't changed once since I've come here?!!", Sophie, from Jinsei no Jet Coaster Kirimomi Kaiten

Haha! That's my favorite line from this doujinshi :) Now to get back on track...the art it very close to what's on the cover. It's a little rougher but cuter on the inside. It's definately on the shoujo-side of the manga illustration spectrum! This is a mostly a comedy doujinshi, so there are some really wierd, not-cute images of Howl, but that makes it funny!

This doujinshi is printed on pink and yellow paper! This is new to me; new to the world of doujinshi as I am. It's prety cool. I love the shade of pink they used; very delicate. The cover is glossy...otherwise it's the normal B5 offset format. Oh, colored paper might be normal? I don't really know yet.

This is yet another doujinshi of Many-Short-Stories. I'm pretty sure this is the format of most doujinshi (now! I wasn't before!). The titles of each story are:
  1. 人生のジェットコースターきりもみ回転!(Tailspin on the Roller Coaster of Life!)
  2. 呪い(おれ荒れ) (Curse (I'm Wasted)
  3. 恋だね (It's Love, Isn't It)
  4. 家族崩壊 (Destroying the Family)
  5. 反省点 (Point to Repent)
  6. プレセント (Present)
  7. sign
    This is the longest story and it's a romantic plotline. It's the ever-so-popular "Was that you?" theme...there. That's vague enough it won't spoil any plotlines, eh?
I think it's wierd when titles aren't capitalized, but it isn't so I'll keep it that way :P Anyhoo, most of these are one to two page dealies, so I can't really summarize them without giving away the plot. I can say that most start with scenes from the movie...and twist them :) I like that kind of thing.

These were cute, but alas, short again. Doujinshi are really hard on mega-volume manga lovers.

Status: Need to request permission to post pictures.

Howl ga Ippai (ハウルがいっぱい)

Title: Howl ga Ippai (ハウルがいっぱい)
Circle: Warai no License (笑いのライセンス)
Publisher: Kutsuki, Kazuyai (くつきかずや)
Size: B5
Pages: 32
Type: Offset
Pairing: None, Howl x Marukuru
Rating: PG (some inuendo, some yaoi)
Publish Date: 12.29.2004
Site: None :(

"じ~~~~~" (Stare), fx, from Howl ga Ippai

*ROTFL* like, really! It makes me grin even now! In case you haven't noticed, this is a comedy! ...and I really liked it! Oh, but I must put a disclaimer in...you won't get some of it unless you've watched some other Ghibli (Nausicaa, Mononoke Hime, Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro) . I didn't get the Lupin movie reference :( I knew it was one, but I'd never seen the movie, so...

The art is very good; a slightly grown up version of a Miyazaki Howl. Though this is a comedy dj, the art remains really good all the way through. I assure you that Howl is *quite* droolable.

It begins with a collage of different Howls, then a short manga about the author's experience when she saw the world premiere of "Howl no Ugoku Shiro"....LUCKY!!!! The author cried during the movie. I didn't....hmm...*sheepish* I guess I'm not very sensitive? *sigh* The "meat" of the dj is full of 1~2 page comedies, some of which (IMHO) you don't even need to know Japanese to laugh at...or empathize with *cheesy grin* The titles of these shorts are:
  1. ハウルがいっぱい (Lots of Howl)
    The author talks about how she felt when she saw the premiere of Howl's Moving Castle in Japan.
  2. レッスン1 (Lesson 1)
  3. そ言う年頃 (At That Age)
    These are so short, I can't talk about them without spoiling things but this one is SOOOOO funny!...and I so understand how Sophie feels! *drool*
  4. レッスン2 (Lesson 2)
  5. 美少年がいっぱい (Lots of Bishounen)
  6. 素材がいっぱい (Lots of Reference Material)
    There's lots of reference material to be found when you are dj-ing a Ghibli work; this is the author talking about reference materials.
  7. 10年後
    This is the kinda-sorta yaoi one. There doesn't seem to be very many yaoi Howl dj...well, from where I've been looking anyway.
There's a collage of Howl cosplay near the end :) I thought it was cute. Oh, and this one had the title on the cover printed in pretty silver foil! Fancy! Oh, I forgot. Most of these take scenes from the movie and twist them; waaaaay twist them.

has a picture of the cover art for Howl ga Ippai up :)
Status: Need to request permission to post pictures.

Sense of Value

Title: Sense of Value
Circle: Kisekiya S (奇跡屋 S)
Publisher: Sakurai, Shiori (桜井汐里)
Size: B5
Pages: 32
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie, Michael x Martha
Rating: PG (some violence)
Publish Date: 05.04.2005
Site: Kigurumiya has given NyanDou permission to Link.

" 「僕の存在を認めない」人だけしかいない世界から解放される一瞬だよ" (It's the instant where one is freed from a world where there are only people who "don't acknowledge my existance".) Howl, from Sense of Value

Yep! This is a serious dj (I have since learned that "dj" is an abbreviation for "doujinshi" here in the states). There's yet another surprise! This piece of Howlage is based on the book (though I think they used the movie for some of the visuals). Howl is soooo waaaay bishie in this doujinshi. He's also got a more "grown-up" personality. He's even cool, sometimes. In the Miyazaki film, he comes off as more of a cute, young guy. In this dj, sometimes, he has a "Gackt-ish" cool, binan type attitude.

The art is very shoujo; good shoujo. It doesn't really look like the movie at all. You'll be very surprised when you see the Witch of the Wastelands! Martha is very cute looking :) Marukuru is Michael, and older :)

The dj starts with a character introduction. This is good because the character's personalities are more what the author interpreted from the book, rather than from the movie (she even says so). The titles for the two stories in this dj are:
    Howl x Sophie
    This is completely an original take...it does happen after Sophie lives with Howl, so I'd say this is after the book. Sophie is quite...spunky! Poor, gorgeous Howl...looks like a J-rock god SQUEEE!
  2. チェザーリの片隅で (In a Corner of Cesari's)
    Michael x Martha
    This is a cuter story that "Sense of Value". It's about the beginning/middle of Martha and Michael's relationship. Martha's personality is very cute...can't say anymore or I'll spoil it!
It seems this is the sixth Howl dj from Kisekiya S. I have a few more by them, but certainly not six! I'll have to keep a sharp eye out! I so want more!

Note: Kisekiya S prefers that none of their illustrations (including cover images) be displayed on sites other than their publishing companies' and distributors' sites. Therefore, the cover illustration will not be displayed on NyanDou, according to their wishes. However, NyanDou has received permission to link, and so you may find thier artwork on their page!

I Wish Upon a Star

Title: I Wish Upon a Star
Circle: Carribean Sexy
Publisher: Itsutsubashi, Wase
Size: B5
Pages: 80
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie x Kabu
Rating: G
Publish Date: 2.06.2005
Site: *Carribean Sexy Night*

"何だろうマダム、いわゆる月のものだろうか" (Madam, what could it be? Is it that "time of the month"?) Howl, from I Wish Upon a Star

The art is very shoujo. It doesn't much look like Howl or Sophie from the Miyazashi movie at all. It's very cute, though. I reminds me of Aoi Hiragi (a Ribon mangaka) and Ai Yazawa mixed up, if that helps anyone any. The inside art is a bit different from the cover. It's a bit more sketchy inside; her faces are really expressive. The cover is the only one I've seen like it. It's a textured pearl; really neat! The pages inside are off-white with BLUE print! Whee! It looks nice!

You can really sink your teeth into this one! It's one nice and long story :) ...there was even a moment where it pulls at your heartstrings and you feel that twinge (you know, that "kyun" feeling!) of sorrow. I really loved it. Oh, and I so want more! It's the first Howl doujinshi that made my heart go kyun! Hey! Heeeyyyy! No, Howl! No eating hearts! *I wish!* (<-tee hee! I wish upon a star...) How would I describe the plot without spoiling it? It's a very shoujo-manga plotline. I guess it'd be honobono-romantic (There is one short, one page gag-comic about the King and Suliman, but that's pretty much all the gag). It focuses on Sophie and her insecuries. There's not that much Howl in it, I feel there's more Kabu...Hmm...then I'll outline the beginning a bit...Sophie is cleaning, and comes upon a stack of old love letters from various girls addressed to Howl...ooh! She doesn't read them though (I would)! Understandably, she's a bit upset and gets insecure. How does Howl fix this? Where does Kabu come in?! Letty?! Water scenes? Oh, you so have to get this one! Status: Need to request permission to post pictures.

Shiawase no Komichi (幸せの小道)

Title: Shiawase no Komichi (幸せの小道)
Circle: Zuihouzakura (ずいほう桜)
Publisher: Hasutsuki, Rae (蓮月らえ)
Size: B5
Pages: 36
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie
Rating: G
Publish Date: 12.29.2004
Site: Zuihouzakura

Okay! I'm starting to figure out what information to put up on doujinshi :) Whee! This is Zuihouzakura's second Howl doujinshi :) The first one is "Hoshi no Umareru Hi" and the third is "Dream's Dream." <-(I will have to figure out how to use anchors in a blog....huh...well, that's for later...) I'm not quite sure how best to approach reveiwing these...hmm...I'll get back to this later.

This is a collection of sweet, short, comedy stories:
  1. ソフィーさんのお願い (Sophie's Wish)
  2. サリマンvsソフィー (Suliman vs Sophie)
  3. ソフィーさんの独り言 (Sophie Talking to Herself)
  4. カブの受難 (The Passion of Turnip)
  5. ムユウビョウ(Muyuubyou)
  6. 近ごろの私 (Me, Lately <-4 square manga about author)
  7. ソフィーさんの悩み (Sophie's Worries)
Most of them are set after the movie :) Some of the stories take a scene from the movie and change it slightly. The art is pretty true to the cover (just a little bit less nice); don't forget that this is a comedy, so of course, sometimes the faces are distorted into that gag-comedy-parody-type look. The text is in print, so it' s easy to read (sometimes I have trouble reading messy authors' writing :*( ) .

Being a strictly manga person until now, I'm surprised at how short doujinshi stories are. Still, they are really cute and it's neat to see "the world as other Howl fans see it". I really did like this short collection of stories.

I'm not sure what else to write, as I don't want to spoil the stories for people, especially since these are short comedies. I don't think they'd be so funny if you already knew the ending. Maybe I will put up a translation...then again, most of my blogs are short lived because I don't have time and things in life are not too good lately :*( Sick selves, sick parents, and work will do that to you)) I might not ever get that far.

I might even move this to LiveJournal...because I like the idea of cuts and I don't know if Blogger supports cuts. Then I could put a translation behind the cut and things would look nice and neat... such are today's musings.

Or I could translate for doujinshi...like a trade of sorts...I'm highly motivated by acquiring things...eh, I'm not sure, though...that'd be like giving away work, because I don't think anyone would want to pay me my usual rate...seeing as they aren't companies or anything...oh well, I can be tempted.

EDIT: Yesh, I did find out how to link posts :) Permalinks. Neat.
Status: Need to request permission to post pictures.

Howl ni Kubittake! (ハウルに首ったけ!)

Title: Howl ni Kubittake! (ハウルに首ったけ!)
Circle: SH
Publisher: Houjyou Karen (北条カレン)
Size: B5
Pages: 30
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie
Rating: PG (H.B.B = Howl's Bare Behind )
Publish Date: ?
Site: SH_Web is Link Free.

"ハウル命" (Howl is Life) Karen, from cover illustration

Agreed! This is one of my favorite Howl doujinshi :) It's way fan-girly! With all the "eeks" and "love-loves" and "drools" you could possibly think of...and do! I so understand where she is coming from :) I think that's why I love this one. There aren't so many fangirls to share Howl-Love with...and it's nice to know that other people are as obsessed with Howl as I am!

The art is very un-Miyazaki Howl. It's pretty much in the author's original style, which is exactly what you see on the cover. The stories are based on the movie. It's set mostly during the movie (not after, or before, I mean). I would categorize it mostly as humor more than romance or honobono. It's definately not serious...well, it's seriously Howl-Obsessed, though :)

It begins with an introduction from the author and then launches into a summary of the characters (completely opinionated!). There are a few short stories in this one, and a lot of how the author feels about Howl :)
  1. ハウルに首ったけ! (Obsessed with Howl!)
    This is a reflection (with pretty piccies) of how the scenes the author liked best from the movie and why...but it's SO OBVIOUS why! ...well, if you love Howl :)
  2. Sleeping Beauty
    This is the only serious story in the book. I guess you could categorize this one as "setsunai" (bittersweet, I suppose)... there really isn't a good English equivalent to setsunai, you know... it's kind of sweet. Eh. I like the comedies in this one better :)
  3. ある朝の風景 (Scenes From a Morning in the Life of)
    This is 4coma-ish. It's cute :) I love Sophie's attitude. It made me grin.
  4. 気の迷いだったんです。 (It Was Just a Whim. (yaoi))
    This one ends all too soon! It's a comedy with a teeny-weeny bit of an SM theme...Kabu! Well, I never!
I really enjoyed the author's handwritten asides (most of the text is printed, so it's easy to read). *grin* I suppose I share the same sense of humor? Well, if nothing else, the same mindset!

Well, I'd totally buy this one again, if I had to do things over! You may have noticed that I try not to say anything patently bad about anything (if I do, it's because I feel that strongly!!). I don't think I have to be negative about anything; there's plenty of other people doing and saying bad things in the world (I seriously believe in "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything". People aren't so stupid that they can't infer by your silence)...so I'll only talk about what I liked in each one. Granted, if I don't say much, I probably didn't care for it that much. If I never finish the review, then I didn't care for it that much. This one I did care for...quite a bit

Status: NyanDou has received written permission from Karen Houjyou to post the cover art of "Howl ni Kubittake!" here! Whee! 北条カレン様本当にどうも有難うございます!

Hoshi no Umareru Hi (星の生まれる日)

Title: Hoshi no Umareru Hi (星の生まれる日)
Circle: Zuihouzakura (ずいほう桜)
Publisher:Etou, Kira (えとう綺羅)
Hasutsuki, Rae (蓮月らえ)
Size: B5
Pages: 22
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie
Rating: G
Publish Date: 12.29.2004
Site: Zuihouzakura

"メリークリスマスソフィー♪ 夜這いはプレセントなんって嬉し。。。" (Merry Christmas, Sophie ♪ A nightime visit as a present? I'm so hap..." Howl, from Shiawase no Komichi

That was a bit tricky to translate. "Yobai" is when someone sneaks into someone else's bed for the purpose of...erm...hmm...making love :) I didn't want it to sound too H, because the dj is not, so I settled on "nighttime visit" with this explanation. So I still stick with the G rating. Nothing happens visually...or verbally really.

The art; I always start off with the art. I think it's what's probably most important to American readers because I get the feeling from reading some lj's that a lot of them can't read Japanese. The cover and the insides are pretty much exact. Well, Hatsuki-san did the back cover and Etou-san did the front cover (shown) , so the front cover is not indicative of the whole dj, but Hatsuki-san's style is just a little more shoujo-fied that Etou-san's...but still, they are pretty similar in quality, I think? In short, it's good!

There are two stories in here. I would call this shoujo-comedy. I wouldn't go so far as to call it "gag".
  1. 夢のプレセント (The Present of a Dream)
    Rae Hatsuki wrote this one. It's cute. It's Christmas with Howl! I didn't think of one of the punchlines until I saw it, and I SO agree! You will need to have seen Laputa for this one! Did I spoil it? I hope not. No, I don't think I did. Nope :)
  2. 全ては僕の為だけに。(Everthing, Just for Me.)
    This one is by Kira Etou...in which Howl buys Sophie a gift
Zuihozakura also put out Shiawase no Komichi and Dream's Dream :) ...and yes, I will review them all! Mwahahaha!

Whee! With this review, I've filled in all the "preview pics" and have at least something for every entry! I just need to tweak some entries up a bit (the older ones when I hadn't decided what format I wanted) and I will post the link to this in a Howl community! Wai! Wai! Oh, maybe I should upload an avatar first...I'm not sure I like this avatar...and I drew another one, but I need to color it. Hmm...

Status: Need to request permission to post pictures.

Triangle (トライアングル)

Title: Triangle (トライアングル)
Circle: Momozakura
Publisher: Uduki Momozakura
Size: B5
Pages: 36
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie
Rating: G
Publish Date: 05.05.2005
Site: Koharu Biyori is Link Free.

"僕がキレてカブを殺そうとしだす前に。。。” (Before I snap and attempt your murder, Kabu...) Howl, from Triangle.

This is Momozakura's second Howl doujinshi. The first one is "Childhood Dreams"(which I don't have yet :P) . I love the shiny holographic cover on this one :) That's the reason I got it, btw. I don't know much about doujin circles or anything yet, but it looked really fancy and pretty!

The volume contains a single story, a love triangle between Howl, Sophie and... you'll have to get the doujinshi to find out who the third person is! A darker side of Howl and ? is revealed, though this is still only merits a G rating. It's more dramatic than any of the others I've read thus far; quite angsty, really.

There is the barest hint of yaoi in "Triangle" (nothing visually, just a line that makes you think that maybe there's something else going on somewhere...). I don't care, but reading other sites and auctions, it seems some people really do care, so I figured I'd put that out for the people who really do care.

The art was really good, btw. It's a lot like the movie, but slightly shoujo-ized. Howl is very pretty

In short, it's a pretty interesting read. It's a pretty stark plotline; very human, not very fairy tale.

Yasoukyoku ~Nocturne~ (夜想曲)

Title: Yasoukyoku ~Nocturne~ (夜想曲)
Circle: Angel Rose
Publisher: Amagi, Sayuri (天城小百合)
Size: B5
Pages: 96
Type: Offset
Pairing: Filla x Michael (yaoi)
Rating: NC-17
Publish Date: 08.18.1995
Site: None listed :*(

"おまえ。。。ほんとはおれに抱かれたいんだろ?" (You...[deep inside] you really DO want me to make love to you, don't you?)Filla, from Yasoukyoku

Iya~n! This one made me blush (for reals)! I was so excited to get my hands on the Matendou Sonata doujinshi (by Sayuri Amagi herself!) yesterday! I've loved Matendo Sonata ever since I was little, but I didn't know about the doujinshi until a few weeks ago...I wonder if there's more?

Oh, but it was good...but very...shocking! It's like Amagi, Saruri meets Sugi, Emiko or something! Wow! It was a little embarassing to read! I would say that M.Sonata is like PG-13 or maybe R (because of the violence), but this one is definately NC-17...quite unexpected.

Of course the art is very professional :) Yesh...Filla and Michael look really good :) Very good...uh *blush* Yes, nice, nice...quite bishie, yes...very *drool* Huh? What? Naw, that wasn't me! I don't drool *salivates*

I really, really, really love Matendou Sonata...so I really, really, really loved this one. I would totally spend the $XXX+ that I did spend on this one again. No kidding. That's how much it cost me. You see, it's quite old. I think I'm lucky to have found it at all :) ...but even though I loved it...I don't know how to review this. It's oh well. Let's say though I may enjoy such things I don't talk about them, eh?

Well, the art is just like the manga because the mangaka drew it...so it's just well, the "secret-hidden-desires" version :) Tee hee *blush* Oh, gee...I feel so wierd...

Toki no Mahoutsukai

Title: Toki no Mahoutsukai
Author: Kuroi, Hiroko (黒井 ひろこ)
Circle: Brother Wolf?
Published: 03.27.2005
Other Info: B5, 18 pages
Type: Doujinshi
Subject.Based On: Howl's Moving Castle (Howl no Ugoku Shiro)
Subject.Main Chara: Howl x Sophie

I loved this one. Howl looks very much like he does in the movie :) Whee :) ! This is a very sweet doujinshi :) It's based around the part in the movie where Sophie sees young Howl...I liked it because it make me think about the movie a bit more...kind of like "Aha! She's right! There was more meaning to that line!) It was a bit funny :) I think it really picked up how the movie "felt" :)

I'm not so sure of how I want to write these manga reviews...so for now I'm just jotting down thoughts...which I'll add to and edit as time goes by :) I think I'd like to put the information in a nice table of some sort...and eventually add some cover scans or something...but I think I'll have to ask the author's permission first, if I can... that would probably be the Right Thing to do...I was wondering if I wanted to do some translations...but I probably don't have time, and I'd rather do paid work than free...but maybe when I feel generous...

Sour - Sweet Time Replay

Title: Sour-Sweet Time Replay
Author: Tohko Akiba, Fujimino-makeinu
Furigana: No
ISBN: None (doujinshi)
Link: Kemonogoya

Yay! My first doujinshi! Isn't it pretty? *preen* The cover is slightly pearly... :) Fancy!

I'll have to finish the review of this one later :) I had to watch the rest of Jyuuni Kokki to figure out who some of the people were --; There is no furigana next to the names and I think some of the characters are from episodes I hadn't seen yet.

Status: Emailed, waiting for permission to post picture.


Welcome to Nyanko no Doujinshi (にゃん子の同人誌) (or NyanDou (にゃん同) for short) :) I am your host, Nyanko (にゃん子) This is a world of MAGIC and WONDER...erm...no...it's full of doujinshi (and consequently NOT full of money :P) and reviews. Here are some answers to some questions you may or may not ask (I'll add more as time goes on):

  • What kind of site is this anyway?
    This is my doujinshi review site! It's mostly romance-type, shoujo doujinshi...and then mostly Howl doujinshi (with some Katsumi Nakagawa, Miyazaki and hopefully more Amagi Sayuri thrown in). I might branch out into LOTR or Harry Potter or something (less mainstream, but more me :) I'm an avid manga reader), but you definately WILL NOT find smut, smut, H, hardcore stuff here. There's plenty of sites like that and well *blush* I personally just don't think I could really talk/write about stuff like that (and even if I could, it just wouldn't be in public!). It's just not me. In short, this is a girly-girl Howl Love site. Oh, in case you were wondering there might be a bit of yaoi because a bit of yaoi is healthy and fun, but it's mostly not.
  • Who are you?
    Nyanko. That's all the internet needs to know.
  • How did you get into doujinshi?
    I saw Howl's Moving Castle and couldn't get enough of it :) I wanted more...but there was no more, but wait! There's doujinshi!
  • What was your first doujinshi?
    Sour-Sweet Time Replay. I'd ordered the Howl ones first, but they were shipped from Japan, while this one was from Canada, so it beat the others here.
  • What does the "rating" mean?
    I'm basically going off the MPAA rating system (well, I think they are the people who define movie ratings?)...or rather my interpretation of it. I don't think many doujinshi fans are that young, but well, you never know. The rating system is:
    1. G: General Audiences
      Okay for everyone :)
    2. PG: Parental Guidance Suggested
      Maybe little kids will have a problem with this (or their parents!). Maybe there's a bit of violence...or a hint of something that's not just hugging or something. Eh, if they'd show it in Ribon, it's probably PG, right? Hmm...but is Ai Yazawa's "Nana" really PG? Hmm....oh, but wait, that's in Cookie, isn't it? Haha.
    3. PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned
      You might be a bit wierd if you let your kids see this without explaining life, love, hate, etc. Maybe there's a bit of violence...gee, I really don't know what the differencew between PG and PG-13 is. I think I'll just use PG, but I'll leave this here to show what an idiot I am.
    4. R: Restricted
      You are wierd if you let real little kids see this. Maybe there's a bit of murder, or maybe a bit of fan service. I guess Sho-Comi would be at this level. It's a comfortable level. Maybe some Lady's Manga would fall into this category, too?
    5. NC-17
      I think it may be against some law if you let little kids see this! I guess this would be graphic H or something. You probably won't see this on this site, sorry. Amagi Sayuri is the exception, though! All bow down to Amagi Sayuri (because before there was Howl, there was Filla )!!!