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Welcome to Nyanko no Doujinshi (にゃん子の同人誌) (or Nyandou (にゃん同) for short) :) I am your host, Nyanko (にゃん子) This is a world of MAGIC and WONDER...erm...no...it's full of doujinshi and reviews...of mostly Howl's Moving Castle doujinshi! Howl ♥

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Welcome to Nyanko no Doujinshi (にゃん子の同人誌) (or NyanDou (にゃん同) for short) :) I am your host, Nyanko (にゃん子) This is a world of MAGIC and WONDER...erm...no...it's full of doujinshi (and consequently NOT full of money :P) and reviews. Here are some answers to some questions you may or may not ask (I'll add more as time goes on):

  • What kind of site is this anyway?
    This is my doujinshi review site! It's mostly romance-type, shoujo doujinshi...and then mostly Howl doujinshi (with some Katsumi Nakagawa, Miyazaki and hopefully more Amagi Sayuri thrown in). I might branch out into LOTR or Harry Potter or something (less mainstream, but more me :) I'm an avid manga reader), but you definately WILL NOT find smut, smut, H, hardcore stuff here. There's plenty of sites like that and well *blush* I personally just don't think I could really talk/write about stuff like that (and even if I could, it just wouldn't be in public!). It's just not me. In short, this is a girly-girl Howl Love site. Oh, in case you were wondering there might be a bit of yaoi because a bit of yaoi is healthy and fun, but it's mostly not.
  • Who are you?
    Nyanko. That's all the internet needs to know.
  • How did you get into doujinshi?
    I saw Howl's Moving Castle and couldn't get enough of it :) I wanted more...but there was no more, but wait! There's doujinshi!
  • What was your first doujinshi?
    Sour-Sweet Time Replay. I'd ordered the Howl ones first, but they were shipped from Japan, while this one was from Canada, so it beat the others here.
  • What does the "rating" mean?
    I'm basically going off the MPAA rating system (well, I think they are the people who define movie ratings?)...or rather my interpretation of it. I don't think many doujinshi fans are that young, but well, you never know. The rating system is:
    1. G: General Audiences
      Okay for everyone :)
    2. PG: Parental Guidance Suggested
      Maybe little kids will have a problem with this (or their parents!). Maybe there's a bit of violence...or a hint of something that's not just hugging or something. Eh, if they'd show it in Ribon, it's probably PG, right? Hmm...but is Ai Yazawa's "Nana" really PG? Hmm....oh, but wait, that's in Cookie, isn't it? Haha.
    3. PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned
      You might be a bit wierd if you let your kids see this without explaining life, love, hate, etc. Maybe there's a bit of violence...gee, I really don't know what the differencew between PG and PG-13 is. I think I'll just use PG, but I'll leave this here to show what an idiot I am.
    4. R: Restricted
      You are wierd if you let real little kids see this. Maybe there's a bit of murder, or maybe a bit of fan service. I guess Sho-Comi would be at this level. It's a comfortable level. Maybe some Lady's Manga would fall into this category, too?
    5. NC-17
      I think it may be against some law if you let little kids see this! I guess this would be graphic H or something. You probably won't see this on this site, sorry. Amagi Sayuri is the exception, though! All bow down to Amagi Sayuri (because before there was Howl, there was Filla )!!!


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