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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hoshi no Umareru Hi (星の生まれる日)

Title: Hoshi no Umareru Hi (星の生まれる日)
Circle: Zuihouzakura (ずいほう桜)
Publisher:Etou, Kira (えとう綺羅)
Hasutsuki, Rae (蓮月らえ)
Size: B5
Pages: 22
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie
Rating: G
Publish Date: 12.29.2004
Site: Zuihouzakura

"メリークリスマスソフィー♪ 夜這いはプレセントなんって嬉し。。。" (Merry Christmas, Sophie ♪ A nightime visit as a present? I'm so hap..." Howl, from Shiawase no Komichi

That was a bit tricky to translate. "Yobai" is when someone sneaks into someone else's bed for the purpose of...erm...hmm...making love :) I didn't want it to sound too H, because the dj is not, so I settled on "nighttime visit" with this explanation. So I still stick with the G rating. Nothing happens visually...or verbally really.

The art; I always start off with the art. I think it's what's probably most important to American readers because I get the feeling from reading some lj's that a lot of them can't read Japanese. The cover and the insides are pretty much exact. Well, Hatsuki-san did the back cover and Etou-san did the front cover (shown) , so the front cover is not indicative of the whole dj, but Hatsuki-san's style is just a little more shoujo-fied that Etou-san's...but still, they are pretty similar in quality, I think? In short, it's good!

There are two stories in here. I would call this shoujo-comedy. I wouldn't go so far as to call it "gag".
  1. 夢のプレセント (The Present of a Dream)
    Rae Hatsuki wrote this one. It's cute. It's Christmas with Howl! I didn't think of one of the punchlines until I saw it, and I SO agree! You will need to have seen Laputa for this one! Did I spoil it? I hope not. No, I don't think I did. Nope :)
  2. 全ては僕の為だけに。(Everthing, Just for Me.)
    This one is by Kira Etou...in which Howl buys Sophie a gift
Zuihozakura also put out Shiawase no Komichi and Dream's Dream :) ...and yes, I will review them all! Mwahahaha!

Whee! With this review, I've filled in all the "preview pics" and have at least something for every entry! I just need to tweak some entries up a bit (the older ones when I hadn't decided what format I wanted) and I will post the link to this in a Howl community! Wai! Wai! Oh, maybe I should upload an avatar first...I'm not sure I like this avatar...and I drew another one, but I need to color it. Hmm...

Status: Need to request permission to post pictures.


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