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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Howl ga Ippai (ハウルがいっぱい)

Title: Howl ga Ippai (ハウルがいっぱい)
Circle: Warai no License (笑いのライセンス)
Publisher: Kutsuki, Kazuyai (くつきかずや)
Size: B5
Pages: 32
Type: Offset
Pairing: None, Howl x Marukuru
Rating: PG (some inuendo, some yaoi)
Publish Date: 12.29.2004
Site: None :(

"じ~~~~~" (Stare), fx, from Howl ga Ippai

*ROTFL* like, really! It makes me grin even now! In case you haven't noticed, this is a comedy! ...and I really liked it! Oh, but I must put a disclaimer in...you won't get some of it unless you've watched some other Ghibli (Nausicaa, Mononoke Hime, Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro) . I didn't get the Lupin movie reference :( I knew it was one, but I'd never seen the movie, so...

The art is very good; a slightly grown up version of a Miyazaki Howl. Though this is a comedy dj, the art remains really good all the way through. I assure you that Howl is *quite* droolable.

It begins with a collage of different Howls, then a short manga about the author's experience when she saw the world premiere of "Howl no Ugoku Shiro"....LUCKY!!!! The author cried during the movie. I didn't....hmm...*sheepish* I guess I'm not very sensitive? *sigh* The "meat" of the dj is full of 1~2 page comedies, some of which (IMHO) you don't even need to know Japanese to laugh at...or empathize with *cheesy grin* The titles of these shorts are:
  1. ハウルがいっぱい (Lots of Howl)
    The author talks about how she felt when she saw the premiere of Howl's Moving Castle in Japan.
  2. レッスン1 (Lesson 1)
  3. そ言う年頃 (At That Age)
    These are so short, I can't talk about them without spoiling things but this one is SOOOOO funny!...and I so understand how Sophie feels! *drool*
  4. レッスン2 (Lesson 2)
  5. 美少年がいっぱい (Lots of Bishounen)
  6. 素材がいっぱい (Lots of Reference Material)
    There's lots of reference material to be found when you are dj-ing a Ghibli work; this is the author talking about reference materials.
  7. 10年後
    This is the kinda-sorta yaoi one. There doesn't seem to be very many yaoi Howl dj...well, from where I've been looking anyway.
There's a collage of Howl cosplay near the end :) I thought it was cute. Oh, and this one had the title on the cover printed in pretty silver foil! Fancy! Oh, I forgot. Most of these take scenes from the movie and twist them; waaaaay twist them.

has a picture of the cover art for Howl ga Ippai up :)
Status: Need to request permission to post pictures.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! Aww, you haven't updated in a really long time! I was hoping you'd post some more, I'm still into collecting HMC doujinshi :)It's just about broken my wallet, but I gotta find a job this summer anyway.
I got this one a month ago. I thought it was pretty okay too, even though I couldn't read all of the jokes. The one with sophie givng Howl a bath was pretty funny though. Grown-up Markl is so tall! It almost looked like he was two heads taller than Howl. Gotta take another japanese class next year though, I can only read about half of the doujinshi I bought. Please post some more when you have the time.

1:41 PM  

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