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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Howl ni Kubittake! (ハウルに首ったけ!)

Title: Howl ni Kubittake! (ハウルに首ったけ!)
Circle: SH
Publisher: Houjyou Karen (北条カレン)
Size: B5
Pages: 30
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie
Rating: PG (H.B.B = Howl's Bare Behind )
Publish Date: ?
Site: SH_Web is Link Free.

"ハウル命" (Howl is Life) Karen, from cover illustration

Agreed! This is one of my favorite Howl doujinshi :) It's way fan-girly! With all the "eeks" and "love-loves" and "drools" you could possibly think of...and do! I so understand where she is coming from :) I think that's why I love this one. There aren't so many fangirls to share Howl-Love with...and it's nice to know that other people are as obsessed with Howl as I am!

The art is very un-Miyazaki Howl. It's pretty much in the author's original style, which is exactly what you see on the cover. The stories are based on the movie. It's set mostly during the movie (not after, or before, I mean). I would categorize it mostly as humor more than romance or honobono. It's definately not serious...well, it's seriously Howl-Obsessed, though :)

It begins with an introduction from the author and then launches into a summary of the characters (completely opinionated!). There are a few short stories in this one, and a lot of how the author feels about Howl :)
  1. ハウルに首ったけ! (Obsessed with Howl!)
    This is a reflection (with pretty piccies) of how the scenes the author liked best from the movie and why...but it's SO OBVIOUS why! ...well, if you love Howl :)
  2. Sleeping Beauty
    This is the only serious story in the book. I guess you could categorize this one as "setsunai" (bittersweet, I suppose)... there really isn't a good English equivalent to setsunai, you know... it's kind of sweet. Eh. I like the comedies in this one better :)
  3. ある朝の風景 (Scenes From a Morning in the Life of)
    This is 4coma-ish. It's cute :) I love Sophie's attitude. It made me grin.
  4. 気の迷いだったんです。 (It Was Just a Whim. (yaoi))
    This one ends all too soon! It's a comedy with a teeny-weeny bit of an SM theme...Kabu! Well, I never!
I really enjoyed the author's handwritten asides (most of the text is printed, so it's easy to read). *grin* I suppose I share the same sense of humor? Well, if nothing else, the same mindset!

Well, I'd totally buy this one again, if I had to do things over! You may have noticed that I try not to say anything patently bad about anything (if I do, it's because I feel that strongly!!). I don't think I have to be negative about anything; there's plenty of other people doing and saying bad things in the world (I seriously believe in "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything". People aren't so stupid that they can't infer by your silence)...so I'll only talk about what I liked in each one. Granted, if I don't say much, I probably didn't care for it that much. If I never finish the review, then I didn't care for it that much. This one I did care for...quite a bit

Status: NyanDou has received written permission from Karen Houjyou to post the cover art of "Howl ni Kubittake!" here! Whee! 北条カレン様本当にどうも有難うございます!


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