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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I Wish Upon a Star

Title: I Wish Upon a Star
Circle: Carribean Sexy
Publisher: Itsutsubashi, Wase
Size: B5
Pages: 80
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie x Kabu
Rating: G
Publish Date: 2.06.2005
Site: *Carribean Sexy Night*

"何だろうマダム、いわゆる月のものだろうか" (Madam, what could it be? Is it that "time of the month"?) Howl, from I Wish Upon a Star

The art is very shoujo. It doesn't much look like Howl or Sophie from the Miyazashi movie at all. It's very cute, though. I reminds me of Aoi Hiragi (a Ribon mangaka) and Ai Yazawa mixed up, if that helps anyone any. The inside art is a bit different from the cover. It's a bit more sketchy inside; her faces are really expressive. The cover is the only one I've seen like it. It's a textured pearl; really neat! The pages inside are off-white with BLUE print! Whee! It looks nice!

You can really sink your teeth into this one! It's one nice and long story :) ...there was even a moment where it pulls at your heartstrings and you feel that twinge (you know, that "kyun" feeling!) of sorrow. I really loved it. Oh, and I so want more! It's the first Howl doujinshi that made my heart go kyun! Hey! Heeeyyyy! No, Howl! No eating hearts! *I wish!* (<-tee hee! I wish upon a star...) How would I describe the plot without spoiling it? It's a very shoujo-manga plotline. I guess it'd be honobono-romantic (There is one short, one page gag-comic about the King and Suliman, but that's pretty much all the gag). It focuses on Sophie and her insecuries. There's not that much Howl in it, I feel there's more Kabu...Hmm...then I'll outline the beginning a bit...Sophie is cleaning, and comes upon a stack of old love letters from various girls addressed to Howl...ooh! She doesn't read them though (I would)! Understandably, she's a bit upset and gets insecure. How does Howl fix this? Where does Kabu come in?! Letty?! Water scenes? Oh, you so have to get this one! Status: Need to request permission to post pictures.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! You're not posting any new reviews! Please post if you have the time, I'm still reading them!
Hm, I thought I posted a comment on the Howl ga ippai review but I guess it didn't take.
I got this one too, you're right its really good. I know this is blasphemy to a howlxsophie shipper, but I almost wished that they had broken up in this one, I love tragic romance. When Howl didn't go after Sophie when Kabu came to the house though,that pissed me off, when did Howl become such a wimp. But overall a good one.
Hope you get the time to post some more reviews.

9:57 PM  

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