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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Jinsei no Jet Coaster Kirimomi Kaiten! (人生のジェットコースターきりもみ回転!)

Title: Jinsei no Jet Coaster Kirimomi Kaiten! (人生のジェットコースターきりもみ回転!)
Circle: Tommytoh (トミイ糖)
Publisher: Tomiito, Matsu (富糸まつ)
Size: B5
Pages: 22
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie
Rating: G
Publish Date: 05.29.2005 (3rd Printing)
Site: None Listed :(

"ここに来てから一回も着替えてないのー!!?" (I haven't changed once since I've come here?!!", Sophie, from Jinsei no Jet Coaster Kirimomi Kaiten

Haha! That's my favorite line from this doujinshi :) Now to get back on track...the art it very close to what's on the cover. It's a little rougher but cuter on the inside. It's definately on the shoujo-side of the manga illustration spectrum! This is a mostly a comedy doujinshi, so there are some really wierd, not-cute images of Howl, but that makes it funny!

This doujinshi is printed on pink and yellow paper! This is new to me; new to the world of doujinshi as I am. It's prety cool. I love the shade of pink they used; very delicate. The cover is glossy...otherwise it's the normal B5 offset format. Oh, colored paper might be normal? I don't really know yet.

This is yet another doujinshi of Many-Short-Stories. I'm pretty sure this is the format of most doujinshi (now! I wasn't before!). The titles of each story are:
  1. 人生のジェットコースターきりもみ回転!(Tailspin on the Roller Coaster of Life!)
  2. 呪い(おれ荒れ) (Curse (I'm Wasted)
  3. 恋だね (It's Love, Isn't It)
  4. 家族崩壊 (Destroying the Family)
  5. 反省点 (Point to Repent)
  6. プレセント (Present)
  7. sign
    This is the longest story and it's a romantic plotline. It's the ever-so-popular "Was that you?" theme...there. That's vague enough it won't spoil any plotlines, eh?
I think it's wierd when titles aren't capitalized, but it isn't so I'll keep it that way :P Anyhoo, most of these are one to two page dealies, so I can't really summarize them without giving away the plot. I can say that most start with scenes from the movie...and twist them :) I like that kind of thing.

These were cute, but alas, short again. Doujinshi are really hard on mega-volume manga lovers.

Status: Need to request permission to post pictures.


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