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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sense of Value

Title: Sense of Value
Circle: Kisekiya S (奇跡屋 S)
Publisher: Sakurai, Shiori (桜井汐里)
Size: B5
Pages: 32
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie, Michael x Martha
Rating: PG (some violence)
Publish Date: 05.04.2005
Site: Kigurumiya has given NyanDou permission to Link.

" 「僕の存在を認めない」人だけしかいない世界から解放される一瞬だよ" (It's the instant where one is freed from a world where there are only people who "don't acknowledge my existance".) Howl, from Sense of Value

Yep! This is a serious dj (I have since learned that "dj" is an abbreviation for "doujinshi" here in the states). There's yet another surprise! This piece of Howlage is based on the book (though I think they used the movie for some of the visuals). Howl is soooo waaaay bishie in this doujinshi. He's also got a more "grown-up" personality. He's even cool, sometimes. In the Miyazaki film, he comes off as more of a cute, young guy. In this dj, sometimes, he has a "Gackt-ish" cool, binan type attitude.

The art is very shoujo; good shoujo. It doesn't really look like the movie at all. You'll be very surprised when you see the Witch of the Wastelands! Martha is very cute looking :) Marukuru is Michael, and older :)

The dj starts with a character introduction. This is good because the character's personalities are more what the author interpreted from the book, rather than from the movie (she even says so). The titles for the two stories in this dj are:
    Howl x Sophie
    This is completely an original take...it does happen after Sophie lives with Howl, so I'd say this is after the book. Sophie is quite...spunky! Poor, gorgeous Howl...looks like a J-rock god SQUEEE!
  2. チェザーリの片隅で (In a Corner of Cesari's)
    Michael x Martha
    This is a cuter story that "Sense of Value". It's about the beginning/middle of Martha and Michael's relationship. Martha's personality is very cute...can't say anymore or I'll spoil it!
It seems this is the sixth Howl dj from Kisekiya S. I have a few more by them, but certainly not six! I'll have to keep a sharp eye out! I so want more!

Note: Kisekiya S prefers that none of their illustrations (including cover images) be displayed on sites other than their publishing companies' and distributors' sites. Therefore, the cover illustration will not be displayed on NyanDou, according to their wishes. However, NyanDou has received permission to link, and so you may find thier artwork on their page!


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