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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Shiawase no Komichi (幸せの小道)

Title: Shiawase no Komichi (幸せの小道)
Circle: Zuihouzakura (ずいほう桜)
Publisher: Hasutsuki, Rae (蓮月らえ)
Size: B5
Pages: 36
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie
Rating: G
Publish Date: 12.29.2004
Site: Zuihouzakura

Okay! I'm starting to figure out what information to put up on doujinshi :) Whee! This is Zuihouzakura's second Howl doujinshi :) The first one is "Hoshi no Umareru Hi" and the third is "Dream's Dream." <-(I will have to figure out how to use anchors in a blog....huh...well, that's for later...) I'm not quite sure how best to approach reveiwing these...hmm...I'll get back to this later.

This is a collection of sweet, short, comedy stories:
  1. ソフィーさんのお願い (Sophie's Wish)
  2. サリマンvsソフィー (Suliman vs Sophie)
  3. ソフィーさんの独り言 (Sophie Talking to Herself)
  4. カブの受難 (The Passion of Turnip)
  5. ムユウビョウ(Muyuubyou)
  6. 近ごろの私 (Me, Lately <-4 square manga about author)
  7. ソフィーさんの悩み (Sophie's Worries)
Most of them are set after the movie :) Some of the stories take a scene from the movie and change it slightly. The art is pretty true to the cover (just a little bit less nice); don't forget that this is a comedy, so of course, sometimes the faces are distorted into that gag-comedy-parody-type look. The text is in print, so it' s easy to read (sometimes I have trouble reading messy authors' writing :*( ) .

Being a strictly manga person until now, I'm surprised at how short doujinshi stories are. Still, they are really cute and it's neat to see "the world as other Howl fans see it". I really did like this short collection of stories.

I'm not sure what else to write, as I don't want to spoil the stories for people, especially since these are short comedies. I don't think they'd be so funny if you already knew the ending. Maybe I will put up a translation...then again, most of my blogs are short lived because I don't have time and things in life are not too good lately :*( Sick selves, sick parents, and work will do that to you)) I might not ever get that far.

I might even move this to LiveJournal...because I like the idea of cuts and I don't know if Blogger supports cuts. Then I could put a translation behind the cut and things would look nice and neat... such are today's musings.

Or I could translate for doujinshi...like a trade of sorts...I'm highly motivated by acquiring things...eh, I'm not sure, though...that'd be like giving away work, because I don't think anyone would want to pay me my usual rate...seeing as they aren't companies or anything...oh well, I can be tempted.

EDIT: Yesh, I did find out how to link posts :) Permalinks. Neat.
Status: Need to request permission to post pictures.


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