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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Toki no Mahoutsukai

Title: Toki no Mahoutsukai
Author: Kuroi, Hiroko (黒井 ひろこ)
Circle: Brother Wolf?
Published: 03.27.2005
Other Info: B5, 18 pages
Type: Doujinshi
Subject.Based On: Howl's Moving Castle (Howl no Ugoku Shiro)
Subject.Main Chara: Howl x Sophie

I loved this one. Howl looks very much like he does in the movie :) Whee :) ! This is a very sweet doujinshi :) It's based around the part in the movie where Sophie sees young Howl...I liked it because it make me think about the movie a bit more...kind of like "Aha! She's right! There was more meaning to that line!) It was a bit funny :) I think it really picked up how the movie "felt" :)

I'm not so sure of how I want to write these manga reviews...so for now I'm just jotting down thoughts...which I'll add to and edit as time goes by :) I think I'd like to put the information in a nice table of some sort...and eventually add some cover scans or something...but I think I'll have to ask the author's permission first, if I can... that would probably be the Right Thing to do...I was wondering if I wanted to do some translations...but I probably don't have time, and I'd rather do paid work than free...but maybe when I feel generous...


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