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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Yasoukyoku ~Nocturne~ (夜想曲)

Title: Yasoukyoku ~Nocturne~ (夜想曲)
Circle: Angel Rose
Publisher: Amagi, Sayuri (天城小百合)
Size: B5
Pages: 96
Type: Offset
Pairing: Filla x Michael (yaoi)
Rating: NC-17
Publish Date: 08.18.1995
Site: None listed :*(

"おまえ。。。ほんとはおれに抱かれたいんだろ?" (You...[deep inside] you really DO want me to make love to you, don't you?)Filla, from Yasoukyoku

Iya~n! This one made me blush (for reals)! I was so excited to get my hands on the Matendou Sonata doujinshi (by Sayuri Amagi herself!) yesterday! I've loved Matendo Sonata ever since I was little, but I didn't know about the doujinshi until a few weeks ago...I wonder if there's more?

Oh, but it was good...but very...shocking! It's like Amagi, Saruri meets Sugi, Emiko or something! Wow! It was a little embarassing to read! I would say that M.Sonata is like PG-13 or maybe R (because of the violence), but this one is definately NC-17...quite unexpected.

Of course the art is very professional :) Yesh...Filla and Michael look really good :) Very good...uh *blush* Yes, nice, nice...quite bishie, yes...very *drool* Huh? What? Naw, that wasn't me! I don't drool *salivates*

I really, really, really love Matendou Sonata...so I really, really, really loved this one. I would totally spend the $XXX+ that I did spend on this one again. No kidding. That's how much it cost me. You see, it's quite old. I think I'm lucky to have found it at all :) ...but even though I loved it...I don't know how to review this. It's oh well. Let's say though I may enjoy such things I don't talk about them, eh?

Well, the art is just like the manga because the mangaka drew it...so it's just well, the "secret-hidden-desires" version :) Tee hee *blush* Oh, gee...I feel so wierd...


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