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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

One Heart

Title: One Heart
Circle: Isotope
Publisher: 胡登()
Size: A5
Pages: 22
Type: Offset
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Publish Date: 05.04.2003
Site: Isotope is Link Free with the provision that you email them.

OMG! The art is soooo pretty! I actually saw a post about Isotope's site before my doujinshi order came...and what do ya know? I had ordered 3 doujinshi by Isotope :) Twee hee hee! Fear not, I shall procure more! I ordered Secret Garden (the anthology and the not, and a few more!) Whee! The cover and the inside art do match :) The way they draw clothes is amazing! I so wish I could draw like this!

You have NEVER seen Calcifer, until you see THIS Calcifer! OMG! He's eating a log! Calcifer is SO HOT! No kidding! For reals! Oh? Did I mention this Calcifer is not the movie Calcifer? This may not be the book Calcifer, either!

There was a problem with this doujinshi...I so wanted more!

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Title: Waltz
Circle: Shikisai Ongaku (色彩音楽)
Publisher: Haruka, Hikari (治香ヒカリ)
Size: B5
Pages: 28
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie
Rating: G
Publish Date: 12.29.2004
Site: Shikisai Ongaku is Link Free with the provision that you email them.

"まぁ。。。大半の原因は僕のあるなぁ" (Well...it's mostly becasue of me, you know...), Howl in regard to Sophie cleaning all the time, from Waltz.

Yes! Yes! Good Howl! Appreciate Sophie's housework! Would that more men would appreciate and understand that they are the major reason for suffering-house-cleaning-women (who usually have to work full-time, too!)!

The art is true to the cover; very good, very cute. Howl looks so good in this one! He doesn't look exactly like in the movie, he's shoujo-fied, so he looks cuter :)

This is the first of their 4 (that I know of) Howl dj thus far. I love this circle :) Hmm...this one sold out at her first event, so there is a reprinting. It seems the first one has a textured (like striped-grooves) cover and the reprint has a shiny cover. I don't know if there was more than one reprint. There are two stories in this honobono volume:

  1. Waltz
    ...is a very cute, sweet little glimpse into Howl and Sophie's world. This one is based on the movie version. There is a short character introduction at the beginning. Howl has black hair
  2. 世界に一つだけの花(Only One [of these] Flower in the World)
    ...has a blonde Howl, and is based on the book version (after the second book, Castle in the Air, it seems..I haven't read that one yet). I love the fan girls at the beginning of the story...they act just like me!
I don't really know exactly why, but I really like Shikisai Ongaku's dj. They just strike the perfect chord with me, I guess. Howl is very sweet and I can relate to Sophie's feelings. I wish it was a bit longer, but then I get my wish :) As the circle continues to write about Howl, their dj get longer

has a picture of the cover art for Waltz up :)
Status: Emailed, waiting for permission to post picture.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Doujinshi by Circle

It seems like it might be a good idea to organize this whole mess, and so this is what I've come up with. This way everything can be "Neat & Tidy" and I can still use this blog to write about other non-review doujinshi topics.

So far it seems there are reviews for (the ones that aren't links, I have, but haven't reviewed yet):
  1. Akiba Touko
    1. Sweet-Sour Time Replay
  2. Aldebaran
    1. Never Land (ネバーランド)
  3. Angel Rose
    1. Yasoukyoku ~Nocturne~ (夜想曲)
  4. Atsuatsu Cook
    1. Mahoutsukai no Deshi (魔法使いの弟子)
  5. Azuma
    1. Family Man
  6. Blue Signals
    1. Sparkling Shower
      This will not be reviewed. This is NC-18. ...and something that happens when you don't read auction desc. well... (same shipment as the other one) Oh dear、dear. The art is cute, though...
    2. Kimi o Mahoutsukai ni (キミを魔法使いに)
    3. Blackyu* Night
    4. Soshite Boku ni Dekirukoto (そしてぼくにできること)
    5. Pinkish Pink
  7. Bombers
    1. Howl no Hetare Yobanashi (ハウルのヘタレ夜話)
  8. Brother Wolf
    1. Toki no Mahoutsukai (時の魔法使い)
  9. Caribbean Sexy
    1. I Wish Upon a Star
    2. Jyushofutei Mushoku (住所不貞無職)
    3. Kimi no Kage Yurayura Yurete (君の影ゆらゆらゆれて)
    4. 28cm no Chiheisen (28cmの地平線)
  10. Clover Shoukai (クローバー商会)
    1. Hanazono de Matteiru. (花園で待っている。)
    2. Kono Mune no Tokimeki o. (この胸のときめきを。)
    3. Okurimono o Kimi ni (贈り物を君に。)
    4. Watashi no Koishita Mahoutsukai (私の恋した魔法使い)
  11. Delic
    1. Howl no Aegu Shiro (ハウルの喘ぐ城)
  12. Devil Children
    1. Howl no Aegu Shiro (ハウルの喘ぐ城)
  13. Gear
    1. Kasei no Ningyou (火星の人形)
  14. Glass Drop
    1. Cherish * Cherish
      This will not be reviewed. *blush* It's NC-16...and something that happens when you don't read auction desc. well...haha. Oh dear. Still, the art is way cute!
  15. Gomenne Shoukai (ごめんね商会)
    1. Yosou (予想) 
  16. Haregumodou (晴雲堂)
    1. Star Child
  17. Howl no Shiro de Kurashi Tai Seijyunha (ハウルの城で暮らし隊清純派)
    1. Kimi ga Sakihokoru Made (君が咲き誇るまで)
  18. Isotope
    1. Lasting Castle
    2. One Heart
    3. Greenstuff
  19. Jishuuteki Kamikakushi (自主的神隠し)
    1. Mimi ni Nokoru wa Kimi no Utagoe (耳に残るは君の歌声)
  20. Kanade Fujisawa
    1. Family Man
  21. Karakuri Circus
    1. Sekai no Yakusoku
  22. Katsumien (勝海苑)
    1. Kanon
    2. Shikisoku Zekuu Sono San(色即是空 其ノ参)
    3. Yasha Kisouden Soushuuhen (夜叉鬼想伝・総集編)
  23. Kisekiya S (奇跡屋 S)
    1. Yuuhei Jiken (幽閉事件)
    2. Tooki Hi no Hako (遠き日の函)
    3. Saa, Monogatari o Hajimeyou. (さぁ、物語を始めよう。)
    4. Sense of Value
  24. Lariat Keikaku (ラリアット計画)
    1. Kimi o Mahoutsukai ni (キミを魔法使いに)
    2. Blackyu* Night
  25. LikeLife
    1. Peculire
  26. Lotus Root Orchestra
    1. A Rec. Sounds Light
  27. Lover's Kiss (ラヴァーズ・キス)
    1. Kimi ga Sakihokoru Made (君が咲き誇るまで)
  28. Majyo Shuukai Touri (魔女集会通り)
    1. Ugoku Shiro no Howl-san 1 (動く城のハウルさん 1)
    2. Ugoku Shiro no Howl-san 2 (動く城のハウルさん 2)
    3. Ugoku Shiro no Howl-san 3 (動く城のハウルさん 3)
    4. Ugoku Shiro no Howl-san Tokubetsuban (動く城のハウルさん 特別版)
    5. Ugoku Shiro no Howl-san Tanbitekiban Jyunbigou (動く城のハウルさん耽美版 準備号)
    6. Ugoku Shiro no Howl-san Tanbitekiban (動く城のハウルさん 耽美版)
  29. Maron
    1. Soshite Boku ni Dekirukoto (そしてぼくにできること)
  30. Melanco
    1. Sugar
  31. Milk★Price
    1. Watashi no Mahoutsukai (私の魔法使い)
  32. Momozakura
    1. Triangle (トライアングル)
  33. Nejishiki
    1. Piece of My Wish
  34. NOT
    1. Sunset & Sunrise (サンセットサンライズ)
  35. Odamario@Akaimikan
    1. Castle Imitation
  36. OOGGG1!!!
    1. Watashi no Mahoutsukai (私の魔法使い)
  37. Orca
    1. Ivory
    2. Sugar
    3. All For You
  38. P.P.P Press
    1. Nagareboshi (ながれ星)
  39. Platinum
    1. Howl no Aegu Shiro (ハウルの喘ぐ城)
  40. Rever
    1. I was able to meet you
  41. Rin Rin House in Kotobuki
    1. Hoshi no Hikari no Shihouette (星の光のシルエット)
  42. Say;Gallet
    1. Totsugeki! Tonari no Bangohan (突撃!隣の晩ごはん)
  43. SH
    1. Howl ni Kubittake! (ハウルに首ったけ!)
  44. Shikisai Ongaku (色彩音楽)
    1. Waltz
    2. Merry-Go-Round
    3. Sexy Voice
    4. Hana no You ni Tori no You ni (花のように鳥のように)
  45. Summer Child
    1. Mahoutsukai no Deshi (魔法使いの弟子)
  46. Taiyou no Nishi (太陽の西)
    1. Blue Sky Blue
  47. Tei
    1. Soshite Boku ni Dekirukoto (そしてぼくにできること)
  48. Tenshi no Hagoromo (天使のハゴロモ)
    1. Asterisk
  49. Tommy Toh(トミイ糖)
    1. Honey
    2. Jinsei no Jet Coaster Kirimomi Kaiten! (人生のジェットコースターきりもみ回転!)
    3. Hauyon. (はうよん。)
  50. Unknown Zone
    1. Color of Heart
  51. Warai no License (笑いのライセンス)
    1. Howl ga Ippai (ハウルがいっぱい)
  52. Yurafuwa (ユラフワ)
    1. Ato wa No to Nare, Hana to Nare (後は野となれ花となれ)
  53. Yumeya Shucchoujyo (夢や出張所)
    1. Hyakuoku no Hiru to Senoku no Yoru (百億の昼と千億の夜)
  54. Zuihouzakura (ずいほう桜)
    1. Shiawase no Komichi (幸せの小道)
    2. Hoshi no Umareru Hi (星の生まれる日)
    3. Dream's Dream

Other Doujinshi Sites

Here are some other doujinshi sites I've found:
  1. Aizu Winter
    This is where I saw my first cover of a Howl doujinshi :) They are mostly interested in other doujinshi, though... They have cover shots and some data about the doujinshi. It looks like they sell doujinshi, too, but I've not bought anything from them.
  2. Addiction
    A Harry Potter doujinshi site; I think I might try a bit of Potter someday :) I listed this one because: 1. It's a doujinshi site. 2. It's a REVIEW site, like mine. Most doujinshi sites seem to be store or scanlation sites, so the formatting is quite a bit different and won't help me much...unless it's a store, that is! They have a Miyazaki section, but no Howl...still, don't you think Haku was pretty bishie? I do.
  3. Impending Doujinshi
    It seems to be Yaoi-kei.
  4. Tokyo Jupiter
    They have Howl :) Two I don't have, but have been lusting for, too...after all, who doesn't lust after Howl? *sigh*
  5. Untouchable
    Whee! More Howl! I've received permission to link them, even though they are not done yet. Right now it's layout (droolable Howl covers) and the reviews will be added later, so check often! It's got similar URL to Tokyo Jupiter above, but it's different. (Aside: I would recommend this site, because their manga and anime tastes are really good. I like a lot of the ones they've recommended :))
  6. The Vivisection
    This seems to be mostly about Final Fantasy type doujinshi...but I didn't really look at anything besides the FAQ.
Well, that's it for now! Hahahaha...

NyanDou Doujinshi FAQ

I just dived into doujinshi because I wanted more Howl. I didn't know the first thing about them, so there were a lot of things I didn't quite "get". There were a lot of terms I didn't know...and lots of other stuff...and I STILL don't know much. Here's a bit of what I have figured out (this is a work in progress ^^;):
  1. A5: This is a standard metric paper size. This doesn't seem to be as popular as B5. I measured my A5 doujinshi and got a width of 5.81" and height of 8.25". ProAV says it is 5.83 x 8.27 inches.
  2. B5: This is also a metric paper size. This seems to be the size most doujinshi are. ProAV says it is 6.93 x 9.84 inches.
  3. Circle (サークル): A group (or a single person) of artists/writers who get together to create a doujinshi.
  4. Chara (キャラ): This may also be spelled "kyara"? This is an abbreviation for "character".
  5. Copybon (コピー本): A doujinshi that the author/circle has literally copied machined and stapled together. It sounds like this happens when the author/circle can't meet the printer's deadlines. This is the same thing as "copyshi".
  6. Copyshi (コピー誌): A doujinshi that the author/circle has literally copied machined and stapled together. It sounds like this happens when the author/circle can't meet the printer's deadlines. This is the same thing as "copybon".
  7. Doujin (同人): This is an abbreviation for "doujinshi".
  8. DJ: This seems to be an neat English abbreviation for "doujinshi".
  9. Guest (ゲスト): When one someone else other than the circle/author writes a piece for the circle/author's doujinshi, the someone else is called a "guest".
  10. HowSophi(ハウソフィ): This is a Japanese abbreviation of "Howl x Sophie" :)
  11. Off (オフ): This is an abbreviation of "offset": a printing style using a transfer of ink. In doujinshi-land, this seems to mean that the book is bound.
  12. Offset (オフセット): This is a printing style using a transfer of ink. In doujinshi-land, this seems to mean that the book is bound.
  13. ProAV: The first site that Google listed with definitions of metric paper sizes.
  14. Sairokushu (再録集): A doujinshi that is a compliation of previously published doujinshi. These are bigger (of course), and probably more worth your money...only most sellers don't write that these are a collection of previously published ones...so you might buy it, but already have all of the stories :(
  15. Yonkoma (4コマ・四コマ): These are usually (almost always) gag parodies. Just as the Japanese says, there are 4 komas (squares/areas, erm...I don't know the cartoon word for this) on the page.
Some other Doujinshi FAQs (if I've taken information from them, they would be credited in the definition of the term. Non-credited definitions are things I found out on my own just by reading the actual doujinshi/buying them/collecting them):
  1. Vivisection FAQ from the Vivisection. I found this during a Google search. I have yet to read the rest of the site ^^; ...but I learned that it's possible that the circles don't want their websites linked to! Eeek! I'll have to take out links later on tonight... :*(
  2. This was interesting, though I don't think I learned anything new...but why didn't I think to go to Wikipedia first?

Monday, July 18, 2005

Wait for Me Happily Ever After. (幸せな未来で待っていて。)

Title: Shiawasena Mirai de Matteite (幸せな未来で待っていて。)
Circle: Howl no Shiro de Kurashitai ☆Seijyunha (ハウルの城で暮ら隊☆清純派)
Circle: ラヴぁー・スキス
Publisher: Urumyan (うるみゃん)
Size: B5
Pages: 58
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie
Rating: G
Publish Date: 12.29.2004
Site: Lovers Kiss is Link Free.

"やっと☆二人きり☆だよ!" (Finally, it's just ☆the two of us☆!) Howl, from Shiawasena Mirai de Matteite

The Art is pretty close to the cover. It's slightly shoujo-fied, but looks a lot like the movie Howl. It doesn't look exactly like, but I don't think the author intended it to. Calcifer is very cute in this one ♥  Some of the art is a bit more sketchy (you know with more lives) and some less (more stylized), but it's all pretty good. I had to get this one because I loved the cover so much! It's so bright and cheerful, and Miyazaki (the blue and greens).

The stories in this volume are very honobono/romantic I like that kind of story :) I have yet to see a wedding scene in a doujinshi yet, though :*( Maybe someday. I had a hard time finding titles...maybe I'm just dumb :P The stories are:
  1. 幸せな未来で待っていて。 (Wait for Me Happily Ever After)
    Another look at Howl when he was young...what might have happenened after Sophie disappeared back into the future Squee :) We liked it.
  2. (Calicifer was Watching)
    4 block? (4coma) gag; What do you call the squares in comics?
  3. No Title
    This is a look at explaining what "I'd been looking for you" meant in the movie :)
  4. No Title
    I love this one It takes a look at what was in the boxes of clothes that Howl got for Sophie in her new room :) I wanted to know what kind of fancy stuff Howl the peacock might have picked!
There are reprinted stories from 「わがままダーリン♥かんしゃくハニー☆」(Wagamama Darling Kanshaku Honey) at the end:
  1. わがままダーリン♥かんしゃくハニー☆ (Selfish Darling ♥ Hot Tempered Honey☆)
    This one is very honobono :) It's set right after the book. I like Sophie's braids. Miss Angorian appears, too! This is the first time I've seen Miss Angorian in a doujinshi!
Hmm...I have the first and second printing of this one :) Tee hee hee. The second printing has typed Japanese. The first is handwritten, but the handwriting is so neat that it's still easy to read. I thought I had two of the same, so I was going to sell one...but it's neat to see the differences in the first and second printings, so I'm going to keep both :)

Wai! 34 Howl doujinshi came in the mail for me today :) WHEE!!! I'm soooo sooo happy! Reviews to be posted soon! When I get a few more reviews in, I'll have to post this to a Howl Community :) Whee :) ! Oh, too bad I still have to work today :*( So my Howlage will have to wait...well, I do have a lunch break coming up!

Hmm...I'm starting to think that maybe this isn't the best format...maybe I should make an entry for each circle, and just add the doujinshi reviews under the name of each circle...hmm... That's not that great an idea either because then it'll be hard to figure out which ones are new? Then I'd have to make the top entry a "New Reviews" blurb with links to the circle entries? I haven't seen too many doujinshi review pages, so...maybe I'll take a look see at what other people are doing...

A question for those who read these reviews...how do you keep your doujinshi? On a bookshelf? Mine are stacked on top of books lined up in a bookshelf...but that's not enough space...and I don't have enough money for a bookshelf...and since most of them don't have spines, it's hard to find a specific one. I would really appreciate some advice :)

Status: Waiting for Photo permission.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Color of Heart

Title: Color of Heart
Circle: Unknown Zone
Publisher: Nagata
Size: B5
Pages: 24
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie, Howl Vs. Kabu (haha!)
Rating: G
Publish Date: 01.09.2005
Site: UZ is Link Free.

"貴方何で私の部屋の間取り知ってるの?" (How do YOU know how my room's laid out?!) Sophie, from Color of Heart

There are 4 full color pages at the beginning. They are very abstract (like oils or something. I'm not an artist, so I may be wrong...). I guess you could say they look very grown-up-looking. Well, so is the rest of the doujinshi. It's a very adult manga illustration style. I don't know why, but it reminds me of Cowboy Bebop O_o;

It's a collection of short stories. I'm beginning to understand that this is how most doujinshi work! I initally thought the whole doujinshi would be one yomikiri-like (yomikiri = not serial) story, but I think I was wrong. Satoru: Doujinshi are a collection of short stories. The stories are as follows:
  1. Color of Heart
  2. ちょっと気になった事 (Something that Bothered Me a Bit)
The thing that struck me with this one is how the grammar matches the movie...did that make sense? What Howl "says" matches the way Howl talks in the movie :) You can "hear" the whiney intonation, the raised voice :) It's pretty cool. Well, at least so it seems to me!

Is there such a thing as comic timing in a manga? If there is, it's great in this doujinshi! I really don't know how to explain it...it's just the right things said at the right time. Like recognizeable lines from the movie...at the right time...and it's *grin* very clever. Quite funny. Like I really lol'd. *blush* Gosh, it's just that good. I guess the adult drawing style juxtaposed with the comic antics are just...so way funny *cheesy smile* Gee, I hope I used that big word right...haha.

Someone is selling one with a pub.date of 12.28.2004, so evidentally this isn't a first printing...hmm...I should stop posting pictures with no reviews...I should just do it all at once...I thought it'd be cool, like a preview...but then I have to scroll to see which ones I didn't do... :P

Status: Need to request permission for pictures.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Watashi no Mahoutsukai (私の魔法使い)

Title: Watashi no Mahoutsukai (私の魔法使い)
Circle: Milk★Price & OOGGG1!!!
Publisher: Higashi, Seiya(東聖夜) & Mizutama (水玉)
Size: B5
Pages: 58
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie
Rating: G
Publish Date: 05.29.2005
Site: Milky Milky Milky
OOGGG1!!! Both sites are Link Free.

This was the only Howl doujinshi I could find at Anime Expo...but then again, I don't fight through people to dig through boxes. I just ask the people working there. I was surprised to see how many people working there didn't know their own stock of doujinshi...or many authors/circles. Gee, no one knew Amagi, Sayuri :*( Some of them didn't even know Howl!!!! Argh! Maybe there were more, but I'm not the kind of person who can fight through a crowd of people. I guess you could say I'm just a scaredy cat. Maybe I'll find some at Comic Con where the anime booths aren't as crowded?

This one was full of a lot of short stories:
  1. My Magician
  2. My World, My Precious
  3. ? (I can't find a title for this...erm)
  4. Kiraboshi
I'm sleepy. I'm going to have to finish this tomorrow.

Status: Emailed, waiting for permission to post picture.

Nagareboshi (ながれ星)

Title: Nagareboshi (ながれ星)
Circle: P.P.P. Press
Publisher: Denjin Club
Size: B5
Pages: 44
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie
Rating: G
Publish Date: 05.29.2005
Site: Denjin Club is Link Free.

Whee! They kiss :) This is a really cute story with really cute art. It's a very shoujo-like style (the art is). I got it from the ebay seller, Snottyskids. It got bent in the mail :*(

There is only one story in the manga. (The plot is similar to another doujinshi I have...but I can't quite remember which one...it'll come to me. I'll have to get back to that thought.) Sophie is talking to Howl about what he said (in the movie) when he first met her, "捜したよ” (I've been looking for you). The story fills in what this could mean (which is pretty much what the other doujinshi author concluded, too...I agree! This is what Howl must have meant! How romantic!) Howl in this doujinshi is very lean and tall, with a sort of "high school boy" type attitude (you know, the cool, cute guy lead in most shoujo manga centered around school life).

I guess mine is a second printing. The first printing date is 05.04.2005.

I guess today isn't a writing night...this whole entry is rather disjointed and unorganized...kind of like my brain...this is your brain...this is your brain on lack of sleep...that kind of thing, I guess.

Status: Need to request permission to post pictures.