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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

One Heart

Title: One Heart
Circle: Isotope
Publisher: 胡登()
Size: A5
Pages: 22
Type: Offset
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Publish Date: 05.04.2003
Site: Isotope is Link Free with the provision that you email them.

OMG! The art is soooo pretty! I actually saw a post about Isotope's site before my doujinshi order came...and what do ya know? I had ordered 3 doujinshi by Isotope :) Twee hee hee! Fear not, I shall procure more! I ordered Secret Garden (the anthology and the not, and a few more!) Whee! The cover and the inside art do match :) The way they draw clothes is amazing! I so wish I could draw like this!

You have NEVER seen Calcifer, until you see THIS Calcifer! OMG! He's eating a log! Calcifer is SO HOT! No kidding! For reals! Oh? Did I mention this Calcifer is not the movie Calcifer? This may not be the book Calcifer, either!

There was a problem with this doujinshi...I so wanted more!


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