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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Other Doujinshi Sites

Here are some other doujinshi sites I've found:
  1. Aizu Winter
    This is where I saw my first cover of a Howl doujinshi :) They are mostly interested in other doujinshi, though... They have cover shots and some data about the doujinshi. It looks like they sell doujinshi, too, but I've not bought anything from them.
  2. Addiction
    A Harry Potter doujinshi site; I think I might try a bit of Potter someday :) I listed this one because: 1. It's a doujinshi site. 2. It's a REVIEW site, like mine. Most doujinshi sites seem to be store or scanlation sites, so the formatting is quite a bit different and won't help me much...unless it's a store, that is! They have a Miyazaki section, but no Howl...still, don't you think Haku was pretty bishie? I do.
  3. Impending Doujinshi
    It seems to be Yaoi-kei.
  4. Tokyo Jupiter
    They have Howl :) Two I don't have, but have been lusting for, too...after all, who doesn't lust after Howl? *sigh*
  5. Untouchable
    Whee! More Howl! I've received permission to link them, even though they are not done yet. Right now it's layout (droolable Howl covers) and the reviews will be added later, so check often! It's got similar URL to Tokyo Jupiter above, but it's different. (Aside: I would recommend this site, because their manga and anime tastes are really good. I like a lot of the ones they've recommended :))
  6. The Vivisection
    This seems to be mostly about Final Fantasy type doujinshi...but I didn't really look at anything besides the FAQ.
Well, that's it for now! Hahahaha...


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