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Monday, July 18, 2005

Wait for Me Happily Ever After. (幸せな未来で待っていて。)

Title: Shiawasena Mirai de Matteite (幸せな未来で待っていて。)
Circle: Howl no Shiro de Kurashitai ☆Seijyunha (ハウルの城で暮ら隊☆清純派)
Circle: ラヴぁー・スキス
Publisher: Urumyan (うるみゃん)
Size: B5
Pages: 58
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie
Rating: G
Publish Date: 12.29.2004
Site: Lovers Kiss is Link Free.

"やっと☆二人きり☆だよ!" (Finally, it's just ☆the two of us☆!) Howl, from Shiawasena Mirai de Matteite

The Art is pretty close to the cover. It's slightly shoujo-fied, but looks a lot like the movie Howl. It doesn't look exactly like, but I don't think the author intended it to. Calcifer is very cute in this one ♥  Some of the art is a bit more sketchy (you know with more lives) and some less (more stylized), but it's all pretty good. I had to get this one because I loved the cover so much! It's so bright and cheerful, and Miyazaki (the blue and greens).

The stories in this volume are very honobono/romantic I like that kind of story :) I have yet to see a wedding scene in a doujinshi yet, though :*( Maybe someday. I had a hard time finding titles...maybe I'm just dumb :P The stories are:
  1. 幸せな未来で待っていて。 (Wait for Me Happily Ever After)
    Another look at Howl when he was young...what might have happenened after Sophie disappeared back into the future Squee :) We liked it.
  2. (Calicifer was Watching)
    4 block? (4coma) gag; What do you call the squares in comics?
  3. No Title
    This is a look at explaining what "I'd been looking for you" meant in the movie :)
  4. No Title
    I love this one It takes a look at what was in the boxes of clothes that Howl got for Sophie in her new room :) I wanted to know what kind of fancy stuff Howl the peacock might have picked!
There are reprinted stories from 「わがままダーリン♥かんしゃくハニー☆」(Wagamama Darling Kanshaku Honey) at the end:
  1. わがままダーリン♥かんしゃくハニー☆ (Selfish Darling ♥ Hot Tempered Honey☆)
    This one is very honobono :) It's set right after the book. I like Sophie's braids. Miss Angorian appears, too! This is the first time I've seen Miss Angorian in a doujinshi!
Hmm...I have the first and second printing of this one :) Tee hee hee. The second printing has typed Japanese. The first is handwritten, but the handwriting is so neat that it's still easy to read. I thought I had two of the same, so I was going to sell one...but it's neat to see the differences in the first and second printings, so I'm going to keep both :)

Wai! 34 Howl doujinshi came in the mail for me today :) WHEE!!! I'm soooo sooo happy! Reviews to be posted soon! When I get a few more reviews in, I'll have to post this to a Howl Community :) Whee :) ! Oh, too bad I still have to work today :*( So my Howlage will have to wait...well, I do have a lunch break coming up!

Hmm...I'm starting to think that maybe this isn't the best format...maybe I should make an entry for each circle, and just add the doujinshi reviews under the name of each circle...hmm... That's not that great an idea either because then it'll be hard to figure out which ones are new? Then I'd have to make the top entry a "New Reviews" blurb with links to the circle entries? I haven't seen too many doujinshi review pages, so...maybe I'll take a look see at what other people are doing...

A question for those who read these reviews...how do you keep your doujinshi? On a bookshelf? Mine are stacked on top of books lined up in a bookshelf...but that's not enough space...and I don't have enough money for a bookshelf...and since most of them don't have spines, it's hard to find a specific one. I would really appreciate some advice :)

Status: Waiting for Photo permission.


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