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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Title: Asterisk
Circle: Tenshi no Hagoromo (天使のハゴロモ)
Publisher: Hiura, Saiki (日浦斎紀)
Size: B5
Pages: 32
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie
Rating: G
Publish Date: 1May 2005
Site:No Site Listed :(

"色男、力はあるが、金はない。ついでにファッションセンスもないらしい。" (Heart breaker has power, but no money. Looks like he doesn't have a sense of style, to boot.) from Asterisk.

OMG! The art is sooooooo gorgeous! I love it! I saw the cover and I had to have it. Had to. No question about it; had to. It's gorgeous. There's a pretty translucent pink page with silver print on the first page :) There's no web site information in the dj, so I have to actually snail mail the author for permission...uh, I'll take the Howl-way out...I'll do it later...slither, slither...

The stories are a mix of sweet stories and comedic shorts. The stories that reside therein:
  1. 誘惑のマホウ (Seductive Magic)
    Howl asks Calcifer for help making a ring...why? Find out.
  2. 酷い戦争 (Horrible War)
    Bad hair war? Could happen to anyone.
  3. マジカル☆マジック01(Magical☆Magic 01)
    A very short two page story; Howl tries to impress Sophie.
  4. マジカル☆マジック02 (Magical☆Magic 02)
    Another very short story; some magic tricks require timing...
  5. ドロドロネバネバギブアーップ!! (Drippy Drippy, Sticky Sticky Never Give up!)
    An even shorter story spirited away...
  6. マリッジ・ブルー マリッジ・ピンク (Marriage Blues Marriage Pinks)
    Yet another short story in which Sophie wonders what to think of Howl...
  7. 魔法のコトバ (Words of Magic)
    ...in which Sophie and Howl speak upon the definition of beauty (a honobono piece)
I want another dj by Tenshi no Hagoromo. I want a long, long lovely love story...sigh. The art is just too pretty, and I do like their sense of humor, too :)

Status: Need to Snail Mail for permission to post cover art.

As For the Rest, Become a Field, Become a Flower (後は野となれ花となれ)

Title: Ato wa No to Nare, Hana to Nare(後は野となれ花となれ)
Circle: Yurafuwa (ユラフワ)
Publisher: Memewo (メメヲ)
Size: A5
Pages: 156
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie
Rating: G
Publish Date: February 2005
Site: Sonaeyo Tsuneni is Link Free.

"う~ん、本当に何でも似合ってしまって困るよまったく" (Hmm~, everything really looks so good on me; it's such a problem, really), Howl from Ato wa Hana to Nare No to Nare.

This is a nice meaty anthology! The art is a bit different from the cover. It's more of a sketchy style of art inside. I forgot which mangaka the style reminds me of. The expressions etc. are well drawn :) I really liked this one because it gave me something to read! Some doujinshi are just so short...

This is a complilation of Yurafuwa's earlier doujinshi:
  1. いつもココロに赤いリンゴを。(A Red Apple, Always in My Heart)
    This is a neat story about Morgan (yep, based on Castle in the Air). It's not easy being the son of the land's foremost magician! Ben and Lettie's daughter appears, too :) It's nice and long! Yay! The length of a normal yomikiri in a manga magazine :)
  2. 眠ても醒めても (Asleep or Awake)
    1. ひらめき きらめき ときどき ときめき (Insight Sparkle Every Once in a While the Heart Races)
      I love this title because of the rhyme scheme (HiRAMEKI KiRAMEKI TOKIdoKI TOKImeKI). It's really cute and lovely to say! Howl doesn't want to get out of bed and work...just another snapshot into what Howl and Sophie's life together might look like.
    2. 愛情線360 ° C (Love Line 360 ° C)
      Another look into a moment in the lives of Howl and Sophie. Sophie decides that magic isn't necessary to style Howl's hair. She will arrange vain Howl's hair...
    3. 一つの魔法 (終わりのない愛しさを与え) (One Spell (Granting Endless Love))
      Calcifer tells on Sophie. Poor Sophie can't even keep secrets from Howl. It's all Calcifer's fault!
  3. Who said La La...?
    Another yomikiri length story! Yay! Lovely, lazy Howl is sick, but still wants to go to the King's Castle? Hey, isn't something wrong here? Sophie thinks so...especially since Howl can't cast a spell decently and turns Sophie into a ???! Lettie helps put more suspicions into Sophie's head. What's going on here, Howl?!
I think this was money well spent :) What is the difference between a compilation and an anthology anyway? According to MSN Encarta, a compilation is a lot of things gathered together, but an anthology is a lot of things by different authors that is complied. So an anthology is a subset of a compliation, eh? Anyway, I like both :) I like longer stories than shorter stories (though some short stories are really clever), so I really liked this one :)

Oh, I think I forgot to say, but Sophie has red hair in all the stories of this dj.
Status: Emailed; waiting for reply.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Whee! Back from Australia!

So I've come back from Australia to find a nice box of Howl dj waiting for me :) That's the good part :)

The bad part is that most of the doujinshi authors are not writing me back, so I can't use pictures of their cover art on Nyandou. Oh well. I'm going to make up my own "Request not Granted" and "Waiting for Permission" Howl FanArt to put up instead, but that will take a bit of time :P Yarg.

Well, it'll take a while for me to get through all the doujinshi :) Yay! I'm thinking of publicizing this blog soon :)...but I still think I need to work some things out...maybe I will wait until I've drawn something up for the cover art place holders...yarg. The site looks really plain without all the cover art, but oh well.