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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Title: Asterisk
Circle: Tenshi no Hagoromo (天使のハゴロモ)
Publisher: Hiura, Saiki (日浦斎紀)
Size: B5
Pages: 32
Type: Offset
Pairing: Howl x Sophie
Rating: G
Publish Date: 1May 2005
Site:No Site Listed :(

"色男、力はあるが、金はない。ついでにファッションセンスもないらしい。" (Heart breaker has power, but no money. Looks like he doesn't have a sense of style, to boot.) from Asterisk.

OMG! The art is sooooooo gorgeous! I love it! I saw the cover and I had to have it. Had to. No question about it; had to. It's gorgeous. There's a pretty translucent pink page with silver print on the first page :) There's no web site information in the dj, so I have to actually snail mail the author for permission...uh, I'll take the Howl-way out...I'll do it later...slither, slither...

The stories are a mix of sweet stories and comedic shorts. The stories that reside therein:
  1. 誘惑のマホウ (Seductive Magic)
    Howl asks Calcifer for help making a ring...why? Find out.
  2. 酷い戦争 (Horrible War)
    Bad hair war? Could happen to anyone.
  3. マジカル☆マジック01(Magical☆Magic 01)
    A very short two page story; Howl tries to impress Sophie.
  4. マジカル☆マジック02 (Magical☆Magic 02)
    Another very short story; some magic tricks require timing...
  5. ドロドロネバネバギブアーップ!! (Drippy Drippy, Sticky Sticky Never Give up!)
    An even shorter story spirited away...
  6. マリッジ・ブルー マリッジ・ピンク (Marriage Blues Marriage Pinks)
    Yet another short story in which Sophie wonders what to think of Howl...
  7. 魔法のコトバ (Words of Magic)
    ...in which Sophie and Howl speak upon the definition of beauty (a honobono piece)
I want another dj by Tenshi no Hagoromo. I want a long, long lovely love story...sigh. The art is just too pretty, and I do like their sense of humor, too :)

Status: Need to Snail Mail for permission to post cover art.


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