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Welcome to Nyanko no Doujinshi (にゃん子の同人誌) (or Nyandou (にゃん同) for short) :) I am your host, Nyanko (にゃん子) This is a world of MAGIC and WONDER...erm...no...it's full of doujinshi and reviews...of mostly Howl's Moving Castle doujinshi! Howl ♥

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Whee! Back from Australia!

So I've come back from Australia to find a nice box of Howl dj waiting for me :) That's the good part :)

The bad part is that most of the doujinshi authors are not writing me back, so I can't use pictures of their cover art on Nyandou. Oh well. I'm going to make up my own "Request not Granted" and "Waiting for Permission" Howl FanArt to put up instead, but that will take a bit of time :P Yarg.

Well, it'll take a while for me to get through all the doujinshi :) Yay! I'm thinking of publicizing this blog soon :)...but I still think I need to work some things out...maybe I will wait until I've drawn something up for the cover art place holders...yarg. The site looks really plain without all the cover art, but oh well.


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